Daniel Boulud – Chef – New York

[Edgar Vaudeville] is well known for raising high standards and adding a touch of prestige that any establishment would need in our extremely competitive industry. Moreover, in a cosmopolitan city like New York, it is essential to have someone like Mr. Vaudeville who has an incomparable and vast international experience.

Farah Quinn – Celebrity Chef – Asia

Mr. Vaudeville invited me to the opening party of the new Spice Market restaurant’s brunch at the W Hotel. Mr. Vaudeville created an unbelievable brunch event which could compete with brunch events you would see in New York City or other major cities.

Jean Marc Lafosse – CEO & Founder of Alorie Hospitality – Malaysia

“It is in my opinion that Mr. Vaudeville’s possesses a unique talent in Marketing, Public Relations and Events. As a mentor of his, since the start of his career, I have not yet seen someone as motivated to succeed, nor as talented and as a true individual.”

Jeannette Chang Hearst – Hearst Magazine Worldwide – New York

“It was a tremendous asset to have such an international, progressive, person in charge of the event. He orchestrated the entire partnership with Harper’s Bazaar and Le Bristol Palace in Paris. He knew exactly what we were looking for and understood perfectly our expectations.”

Juliette Longuet – Fashion Designer & Producer – New York

“During the show, we were very surprised by how Edgar engaged in conversation with his guests and how he can make them feel confident and relaxed. I have also seen the successful documentary that has been made about Qatar where a TV crew followed Edgar during his workdays, including his hosting of the first outdoor fashion show in Qatar.”

Maurice Renoma – Artist & Designer – Paris

“No one better than him understands my high expectations and demanding requests and is able to make them a reality and a success which may be difficult to achieve and quite a challenge otherwise for an Artist.”

Michael Edelstein – Producer – London

“Edgar Vaudeville always gave us an impressive show with his impeccable manners and professionalism, and he inputs this charisma in his team and employees like a true leader. It is rare to see professionals with his amount of passion in their work and his enthusiasm is evident in everything he and his team does.”

Michaela Guzy – Media Journalist – New York

“Despite the fact that Mr. Vaudeville had only been representing Le Bristol Palace for only six months, he already knew most of the luxurious travel agencies and decision makers around the globe in the industry. He is extremely well perceived in the field due to his tremendous work he achieved in Qatar at the W’s first hotel in the Middle East.”

Mr Le Calvez – Vice President – Le Bristol – Paris

“Because of his unique approach and international business experience, he was the ambassador of le Bristol for a development trip in Qatar. Upon his initiative, he has been responsible for organizing all the meetings and conferences with political and cultural elite that he personally was acquainted with such as the minister of Art and Culture and other very important personality.”

Safak Guvenq – Starwood Area Manager – Middle East

“Mr. Vaudeville was responsible for the creation of the first W Doha & VCUQ Fashion Award in 2011. Mr. Vaudeville’s contributions have been extraordinary for the W here in Qatar. Mr. Vaudeville led some new brand partnership and sponsorship for the hotel, leading the marketing and communication strategy and campaign.”

Vincent Beaufils – Journalist & Editor in Chief – Paris

“The opening ceremony of the new Bar from Le Bristol Paris organized by Mr. Vaudeville was a fantastic event. All of the best Paris has to offer was in attendance—journalists, fashion personalities, celebrities, artists, politicians and famous athletes—totally over 500 VIP persons.”

Christine Sarkis – Qatar Airways – Qatar

“Mr. Vaudeville is within this upper percentage of rare gems within an already demanding and highly connected industry.”

Carla Ortiz – Celebrity – Los Angeles

“Mr. Vaudeville personally took it upon himself to introduce me to the event’s most high profile attendees, including members of the Doha Film Institute who host the Tribeca film festival there each year.”

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